For all those Escape to the Château DIY fans who are contemplating a road trip to see these historical buildings being lovingly restored, and perhaps stay in one – or more – along the way, WE HAVE THE MAP!!!  

My husband and I are huge fans of Channel 4’s series Escape to the Château and Escape to the Château DIY and cannot wait for the next one to start in the Autumn.  We are living in Normandy and wanted to find out where the featured châteaux were located with a view to visiting the local ones, but we encountered some challenges with this task.

Firstly, whilst watching the programme the name of the château is sometimes hard to discern, no offense Mr. Strawbridge but could it be your “accent”?!  My husband and I typically sit in front of the TV with our phones on the ready. As soon as we hear the name of the château the google search begins! Could it be spelled this way?  No, how about this way? Ultimately we have been successful in our search but not before the next château is already being featured and the hunt begins all over again!

Go to https://chateauxescapesfrance.com/featured-chateau where you can see the interactive map of all the Escape to the Château DIY Châteaux which have been featured to date (just click on the department to view which châteaux are in the region).   If you keep on scrolling further down the page you can view featured châteaux in list format.  We hope in some small way we will have made your travel plans a little easier.

In addition new for 2020, we have identified over 400 NON Escape to the Chateau DIY venues for both bed and breakfast or gite accommodation, as well as wedding, special event and corporate retreats.