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Escape to the OTHER Château

Viewers in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and beyond are fascinated by the Channel 4 series Escape to the Château DIY and with Series 4 now in progress, interest in French Châteaux has once again peaked!

Here’s the opportunity for YOUR Château to be pictured alongside the Escape to the Château DIY Weddings and Events venues, B&B or self catering GÎte or Whole Château Rental.

€99 per year – No Booking Fees

Our site visitors are looking for Château Wedding and Special Event venues, Château B&B, Gîte accommodation or Whole Château Rental, and Corporate Event Venues.   Many of those châteaux who are lucky enough to have been featured on Escape to the Château DIY  TV series are now fully booked.  So this is your opportunity to be featured alongside them on . . .

Escape to the OTHER Château

You will be featured with a picture banner and link on your Regional page.  To maximize your exposure we limit the number of Château Picture Banners in each Region to just:

  • 6 Wedding & Event Venues Per Region

  • 6 B&B/Gîte/Whole Château Rental Venues Per Region

With only 6 Wedding/Event venues and 6 Accommodation venues the spots will fill up fast! 

Join us Today!

  • OPTION A 99€/year:  Your Château Picture Banner & Link on pictured in either category
    Wedding & Event Venues or B&B/Gîte/Whole Château Rental Venues plus your Château Details page just 99€/year
  • OPTION B 179€/year:  Your Picture Banner and Text Link displayed in BOTH categories for just 179€/year

Simply fill in your data below, attach an image and click SUBMIT.  We’ll build your Picture Banner(s) and Text Link(s) and display them live on our site before we send your invoice.  It’s that simple!

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