Planning a Holiday or B&B Overnight – or perhaps the WHOLE Châteaux?

Many of the Château you have seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY offer accommodations either in the main house or in gites on the property.  Thanks to their exposure on the Escape to the Château DIY series of programmes many get booked up very early so be sure to plan well ahead of your desired dates.

Many Châteaux rent the entire venue for large groups . . .

Chateau de la Puisaye

B&B and Self Catering Cottage : Haute Normandy
For Bookings

Château de Villette

B&B and Self Catering Cottage :
For Bookings

Mas de Pradié

B&B and Self Catering Gite :
For Bookings

Château Lagorce

Whole Chateau Rental
For Bookings

The Abbaye de la Bussière

Luxury Hotel with Michelin Restaurant : Cote d’Or
For Bookings

Château Saint Georges Grasse

Luxury Boutique Accommodation:
For Bookings

Château la Grande Maison

B&B and Self Catering Gites:
Poitou Charentes
For Bookings

Château de Vaudezert

B&B or Self Catering Gite: Normandy
For Bookings

Château de la Rongère

Self Catering Gite:
Pays de la Loire
For Bookings

Château de Chambiers

B&B, Self Catering Cottages:
Pays de la Loire
For Bookings

Château de Thuriés

Boutique B&B:
For Bookings

Many more Choices of B&B and Gite Accommodations by Region

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