The Chateau Gallery

Since we began our website we have seen so many talented – and very modest – artists try their hands at painting the beautiful chateaux we all see on Escape to the Chateau DIY.  One artist worth particular mention is novice Claire Warbeck who absolutely nailed Dick, Angel, Michael and Stephanie. 

Cannot wait to see what they will produce next – come back and see!

Angel Strawbridge
by Claire Warbeck

Chatelaine Stephanie Jarvis
by Claire Warbeck

Dick Strawbridge
by Claire Warbeck

Marie Wiik
by Claire Warbeck

Reflections of Motte Husson
by Claire Warbeck

Michael Petherick
by Claire Warbeck

Isabelle Jarvis
by Gerda van der Westhuizen

The Chatelaine in the Rose Garden
by Wendy Grimwood

Dandelion Wine to Lalande
by Ann Hyde

The Lalande Kitchen
by Ann Hyde

A Picnic at Motte Husson
by Sheila Roper

Château Fengari
by Frank Walters

Far too Many Ians by Donna Davis

Far Too Many Ians
by Donna Davis

Mas de Pradie Greeting Cards
by the Chateau Sisters

Dick Strawbridge
by Keith Boldy