Stephan LaCount

Therapeutic Sound Practitioner

Stephan LaCount is a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner born in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Therapeutic sound vibrations from traditional instruments such as gongs, chimes and singing bowls have the beneficial effect of taking you from the active Beta state of consciousness to the more relaxed and dreamlike states of Alpha, Theta and Delta. During these periods of relaxed consciousness the brain waves slow down enabling physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual healing to occur from within.

After retiring from an entrepreneurial career, Stephan studied with the Sound Healing Academy of Cornwall, England.  He achieved his Diplomas in Integral Sound Healing Therapy for Groups and Individual clients. Stephan has performed Sound Baths and Sound Journeys for individuals, couples and groups in England, France, Spain, Germany, and Luxemburg.

Stephan’s love of music and rhythm stems from childhood, He played in bands during his primary and secondary school years and in college he played drums and percussion in the school marching band, and subsequently in a rock group.

Lisa LaCount

Certified Silver Age Yoga Instructor

Lisa LaCount is a certified Silver Age Yoga Instructor with continued education credits in Chair Assisted Yoga and Dance Yoga.  She was born in Bristol, England and has lived and worked in many countries.

Lisa has always had a keen interest in fitness, wellness and longevity so when she retired from the business world she achieved her credentials to teach to the 50 and better group.  Of special interest is to coach people who have never done yoga before in a non-intimidating environment alongside like-minded people.  THIS ESCAPE IS DESIGNED FOR COMPLETE NOVICES – NOT SUITABLE FOR PROFICIENT YOGIS.

You will never find a full frog in the room, nor will you find super fit yoginis who do not understand the challenges of a slightly aging body.  Her approach is to offer gentle stretch and tone, chair and prop assisted, yoga dance (sometimes with wine the latest rage in New York City) and gentle stretch aqua yoga.  “Fun Yoga 4 Any Body” with Lisa will be a new experience and will leave you feeling more energized, more flexible and with a smile on your face.

Lisa is also a non practicing licensed aesthetician and she will send you home with instructions on facial yoga to decrease facial lines and create a more youthful visage.