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Oct 19th, 2022 

Once upon a time…there was a girl who lived in a pink castle surrounded by sunflower fields. Under the summer trees, near the winter chimney, her grandmother’s gentle voice uttered stories from the castle’s past.”  Read more

Oct 17th, 2022 We’re excited to celebrate by releasing some extra wedding dates✨for 2023 with a full destination wedding planning and catering package!  NEWS FROM CHÂTEAU DE BOURNEAU

Sept 15th, 2022  We are always looking for new Chateau restorations and we found Chateau de Laran.  View FB Page

Sept 13th, 2022  The beautiful Ladies of Lalande.  Click to View

Sept 11th, 2022   A fascinating piece of history is unearthed at Chateau de Joli Bois.  Click to View

Sept 9th, 2022   Château De Villette The Ultimate French Vacation Experience according to HauteLiving.com.  Click to View

Sept 7th, 2022   The Chateau Sisters greeting cards.  Click to View 

Sept 5th, 2022   Our chatelaine Stephanie beautifully modelling the Marie Antoinette dress.  Click to View

Sept 1st, 2022   An amazing wedding cake fit for a Chateau wedding.  Click to View