Once upon a time…there was a girl who lived in a pink castle surrounded by sunflower fields. Under the summer trees, near the winter chimney, her grandmother’s gentle voice uttered stories from the castle’s past.

That little girl? It’s me!  I am Caroline, the current 17th generation chatelaine and guardian and if you would like to read the fascinating history of my family click here.


Located just South East of Toulouse the Château was built in 1470 to protect the surrounding villages from pillagers and robbers.  It is an amazing event venue accommodating corporate events, weddings, elopements, murder mystery evenings, as well as an amazing immersive soirée of dance, music, dining and music as was enjoyed in the 19th century.  At the Château de Garrevaques they are keeping the rich heritage of France alive.  The Château de Garrevaques stands ready to make dreams come true!


The Château de Garrevaques is listed as an historic monument and boasts panoramic wallpapers depicting the legend of Psyche and Cupid.  We encourage you to view these amazing works which encompass 1,245 plans of engraved wood, all printed manually with no panel pattern being repeated.


Please take a look at their website https://myfrenchwayoflife.com/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Garrevaques