Ah “The Temple of Love” what thoughts does this name conjure up in your mind?  The Greek Goddess Aphrodite gazing adoringly at Zeus on Mount Olympus, or lilting sitar music in Khujaraho India’s Temple of Love?  Well you don’t have to go that far, this Temple of Love is located in Grasse, Provence on the grounds of the Chateau Saint Georges which has earned the name “The Little Versailles of the French Riviera”.

The owner of Chateau Saint Georges has spent the past 15 years renovating the mouldings, marbles, flooring and chandeliers while at the same time designing modern comfort and luxuries including an indoor Roman inspired marble mosaic swimming pool.  Today even when compared to the myriad of desirable hotels and event venues on the French Riviera, Chateau Saint Georges is a jewel.  Click here for 3D views of this stunning Chateau.

Could you possibly dream of a more romantic wedding venue?  Picture your ceremony in The Temple of Love set high on the hillside of Grasse (world capital of perfumes since the 17th century) with panoramic views of the French Riviera from Cap d’Antibes to the bay of Cannes, and the backdrop of that uniquely turquoise blue of the Mediterranean, need I say more?!

On 13-15 November, 2020 future brides and grooms are invited to attend an exhibition of vendors at the Chateau weddingroyal.events.  A great reason to visit this gorgeous venue and plan your special day with the professionals.