New 8 part series starting on Sunday 21st May at 8:00 pm on More 4!  This spinoff will feature eight one-hour long specials each dedicated to one of the Chateaux owners we all followed on the main series of Chateau DIY. 

We have all wondered how things have gone for these intrepid owners, this new series is a log of their journey from the renovation days, business ventures, current day and future plans.

The series kicks off on Sunday (Series 1, Episode 1) at Chateau de Lalande.  Stephanie Jarvis (former opera singer) will share the biggest challenges she has faced during the restoration.

Ben & Billie at Chateau La Grande Maison will feature in the 2nd episode on the 28th May and we will keep you posted on the future episodes.

In addition, Channel 4 has announced news of a new Chateau DIY series of 60 minute programmes as well as second and third series of Christmas specials.