Meet the talented self taught artist Keith Boldy, aged 74.  Keith began his career owning a company which produced school uniforms, which he did for 30 years.  

In 2009, after he retired, Keith picked up drawing as a hobby, quite by accident.  He was on a cruise ship en route to Panama and he ran out of books to read.  For the want of keeping himself entertained he picked up a pencil and paper, and even though Keith admits to being rubbish at the time, he found he enjoyed it and had fun.   So Keith decided to learn how to sketch and you can see by the results that he found his inner talent.

About 4 years ago he started taking professional portraits and has just become busier and busier.  Keith created this portrait of Dick Strawbridge last February with a view to sending it to Dick but was then stopped by Covid and lockdown and he never got round to posting it.

When Keith posted Dick’s portrait on The escape to the Chateau Fan Page simply to ask the question what colour Angel’s eyes are it went MANIC with over 10,000 views and 2,000 replies – which crashed his phone!

Keith has told me that next week there should be an Angel Strawbridge portrait, stay tuned!

This is Keith’s Google photos art page where you’ll also see an amazing portrait of Captain Tom among others you’ll recognise.  Do take the time to view his portraits, they are amazing.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/NtQbH3jr9R7qnYgP7