Château de Lalande

Château de Lalande as seen on Escape to the Château DIY

March 30, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 6  Click to Watch on Channel 4
Stephanie sets about renovating a 100 year old carriage which will transport her Mother to her upcoming wedding.  True to Stephanie’s desire for absolute attention to detail, she insists on restoring the carriage without changing any of its original design work much to the consternation of her Scottish friend, Gerry!  See what Stephanie had to say about her efforts!

March 31, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 7  Click to Watch on Channel 4
Château de Lalande boasts a beautiful chapel on the grounds and Stephanie sets about creating decorative magic in preparation of her Mother’s upcoming wedding including bringing in trees which she intends to cover with fairy lights.  The terrace undergoes a makeover with a custom pergola and all the brocante lace in the whole of France to adorn it! The terrace becomes an outdoor Château replete with chandelier and mirrors in readiness for the wedding breakfast.

April 1, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 8  Click to Watch on Channel 4
The big day arrived at Château de Lalande – Stephanie’s Mother’s wedding day.  Flowers adorned the newly renovated carriage, the Bride and all those who attended (except for Gerry who wore his best kilt for the occasion).  The bride was transported by carriage to the chapel and was greeted by “Amazing Grace” led by Stephanie. Champagne literally flowed at the reception (the bottles were chilled in the fountain) and as the sun set the guests were treated to a sumptuous 6 course dinner in the newly adorned pergola.  It was, however, the groom’s speech which was the standout moment.  After a VERY long wait Stephanie was finally able to post 
photos of the occasion.

April 2, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 9  Click to Watch on Channel 4
At Château de Lalande Stephanie decides to upgrade the oldest wing of the Château which, at best estimate, dates back to the 15th or 16th century and once accommodated nobility.  While Stephanie’s Mother and friend Gerry set about reupholstering the window seat, Stephanie’s plan is to make the bed the showpiece of the bedroom so sources fabric from her treasure trove to create a “Tester Bed” (according to Britannica: Tester, canopy, usually of carved or cloth-draped wood, over a bed, tomb, pulpit, or throne. It dates from the 14th century and is usually made of the same material as the object it covers. It can be supported either by four posts, by two posts at the foot and a headpiece at the back, or by suspension from the ceiling).   Finishing the room with tapestries, subtle lighting and the result is beautiful.

April 3, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 10  Click to Watch on Channel 4Stephanie’s goes to the local charity for furnishings for her latest project and bags a bargain – or two, or three!   Her next project is the salon in the Marquis suite, sadly her made to measure wall panels to create the authentic look of the time will not be completed until the end of the year, so it’s on to another project – The Tack Room.  Most unlike her other projects this gite (which used to house the old stables) is a mix of modern and classic.  True to form the sofa which was purchased for this renovation does not fit through the door and must be hoisted through the window!

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 1

  • Episode 19 aired May 3rd 2018
    Stephanie gets ready for her single’s weekend event
  • Episode 20 aired May 4th 2018
    Stephanie’s singles weekend event is here

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 2

  • Episode 26 aired March 25th 2019
    Stephanie creates an apartment for her mother in her fairy-tale 16th century chateau
  • Episode 27 aired March 26th 2019
    Dick visits Stephanie to get the pizza oven working
  • Episode 28 aired March 27th 2019
    Angel shows Stephanie the best way to frame her father’s original artwork
  • Episode 29 aired March 28th 2019
    Dick visits Stephanie to check out the new boiler for her mum’s apartment – but it’s bad news and mum Isobel is not happy
  • Episode 30 aired March 29th 2019
    Stephanie finishes her mum’s apartment

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 3

  • Episode 6 aired November 4th 2019
     Stephanie and assistants plan to use the bread oven and an old range to prepare two birds for Christmas dinner
  • Episode 7 aired November 5th 2019
    Stephanie enlists advice from Angel with reviving the new B&B en-suite
  • Episode 8 aired November 6th 2019
    Stephanie’s B&B requires assistance to get it finished
  • Episode 9 aired November 7th 2019
    Stephanie and friends get to restore their greenhouse
  • Episode 10 aired November 8th 2019
    Stephanie’s renovations start in a stable to create an art studio

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