Château des Lys

Château des Lys

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series I

  • Episode 19 aired April 30th 2018
    Tim and Margreeth plan to sell gite timeshares, which is a form of holiday renting to increase income and returning customers
  • Episode 17 aired May 1, 2018
    Easter is coming and Tim and Margreeth are getting prepared
  • Episode 19 aired May 3, 2018
    Dick and Angel give some advice and plans for Tim and Margreeth’s business in hospitality
  • Episode 20 aired May 4, 2018
    Tim and Margreeth get started on their new business venture with research

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Tim and Margreeth Alexander
13 Rue de Port le Grand, 80970 Sailly-Flibeaucourt


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