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Château de Chambiers

Pays de la Loire

Located between the Loire and Loir valleys in Anjou, 2h15 away from Paris by car (A11) and 90 min by train the Château de Chambiers is located in the Pays de la Loire.

The Château de Chambiers is set in a natural reserve where the Kings and Queens of France used to come to hunt and is mentioned in the history books as early as the Middle Ages.  A century ago, after having sailed the world, French Royal Navy Officer Count Marc des Courtis purchased the property to use as a summer home for his family.  The forest, farm, vegetable plot and orchard sustained the resin collectors who came from the Aquitaine region to work in the grounds; interestingly pieces of terra cotta pots which they used to collect the resin can still be found.

The Château is the family home of the current owner who, together with his wife and children, have brought the property back to its former glory.  The Château is a tribute to its history blended with today’s contemporary hospitality and art de vivre.

Guest Bedrooms  Offering self catering cottages, Ensuite B&B rooms, a Romantic Cottage and the Pavillon de France wedding suite.

Private Reception Rooms The Château staff are ready to assist you with any occasion: wedding, family reunion, birthday, engagement, baptism, communion, bar mitzvah, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or simply a group wanting to spend some time together.

Corporate Events Corporate or special events within the 355m2 space can be arranged to host from 4 to 400 people. The Château has produced some videos for you to enjoy a “virtual” tour”:

Information and Photos courtesy of Chateau de Chambiers


Elie and Anne
Route de Beauvau
49430 Durtal
+33 (0)2 41 76 07 31


Available for: Self catering cottages, Ensuite B&B, Corporate and Special Events, Weddings up to 400 Guests, Accommodation for up to 57 guests
Amenities:  Table d’Hote meals, picnic baskets and services [order in advance] massage, yoga class, wine tasting, cookery class (minimum participant required)


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