Château de Bourneau

Château de Bourneau as seen on Escape to the Château DIY

We found a very interesting article about the Chateau owners Erin and Jean-Baptiste from Homes and Property.co.uk:
It’s a familiar story – thirty-something couple are house-hunting in London, realise how much more they can get for their money outside the capital and so opt to have more space, extra bedrooms and maybe a garden over the convenience of the inner city.
Doctor Erin Choa, originally from Highgate in north London and her French fiancé, Jean-Baptiste, took this move to the extreme, however, when they opted to buy a 20-bedroom castle in France for the same price as a one-bedroom flat in the capital. 
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A Video of the Chateau

March 23, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 1  Click to Watch on Channel 4
In the 19th century 50 room Château de Bourneau charming owners Erin and Jean-Baptiste have decided to start renovating the South Wing.  Erin’s design dreams leave Jean-Baptiste wondering how he will get plumbing to the turret room to create the amazing shower room that Erin has in mind.  An unexpected booking for a French company meeting including dinner takes them away from renovations for the day and Erin learns waitress skills from Jean- Baptiste who learned them as a waiter during University.

March 24, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 2  Click to Watch on Channel 4
Erin and Jean-Baptiste decide it’s time to expand their event business and get to work on renovating the orangerie and the first step is an appropriate gate into the Château which they construct together.  Next task is the concrete floor which takes some digging for cables then with the arrival of the wet concrete – and with just 30 minutes for the concrete to set – they discover they need a special tool to smooth the surface, but it’s 7 miles away to fetch it.

March 25, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 3  Click to Watch on Channel 4
A Midsummer Night Party in the orangerie.  Erin “Château chics” some pieces for the new orangerie event venue and together she and Jean-Baptiste forage for greenery in the bamboo forest to decorate for the fantasy evening with their friends.  Even Oscar the cat went to the party!

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 2

  • Episode 16 aired March 11th 2019
    Dick steps in to help new chateau owners couple Erin and Jean-Baptiste
  • Episode 17 aired March 12th 2019
    Erin and Jean-Baptiste start work on their honeymoon suite and solarium/sun room
  • Episode 18 aired March 13th 2019
    Erin and Jean-Baptiste host a 90th birthday party
  • Episode 19 aired March 14th 2019
    Dick steps in to help Erin and Jean-Baptiste find a solution to their rusted hinges
  • Episode 20 aired March 15th 2019
    Erin and Jean-Baptiste are launching their chateau business by opening it up for a tea party

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*Information derived from https://en.wikipedia.org/

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Erin and Jean-Baptiste
14 Rue du Château, 85200, Bourneau
+33 (0) 638 863 024