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Château la Grande Maison

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Château la Grande Maison as seen on Escape to the Château DIY
Poitou Charentes

Originally built in 1860 with the south wing being added in 1890 the Château la Grande Maison is situated just south of Saumur in the Loire Valley between the market towns of Thouars and Loudun.  It is convenient to the Tours and Poitiers airports (less than 1 hr) and a 4 hour drive from Dieppe. Local attractions include Center Parcs, Puy du Fou, Futuroscope and of course the famous wines of the Loire Valley.

You will recognize the Château la Grande Maison from Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau DIY where you will have seen Ben and Billie entertaining their guests as well as hosting fellow musicians.  Ben is a producer, composer, musician and DJ and Billie is a singer/songwriter and vocal coach.

Set in 3 acres of wooded grounds on the river Dive, the Château la Grande Maison is home to a 60 sqm Ballroom with a 30 sqm balcony perfect for Weddings or parties, a Wine Press/Winery Bar, Wine cellar, 36 sqm Orangerie, a 40 sqm reception space, a library and a catering kitchen.

The Loire Valley is a gorgeous choice when planning a romantic wedding or vow renewal.  The hosts of Château la Grande Maison offer wedding planning and weddings can be either indoors or outdoors.  A wedding planner is available to coordinate a network of providers on your behalf: local florists, hairdressers, wine merchants, musicians, bands or DJ; they even have an English speaking celebrant if for those who prefer a church wedding the lovely local church has a British Vicar!

Many events are planned throughout the year with the kick off being a Special Valentine’s Weekend and early booking is encouraged.  Accommodation is in 3 ensuite bedroom suites (1 x 1 bedroom, 1 x 2 bedroom and 1 x 3 bedroom), additionally they have 1 x 1 bedroom gite and 1 x 2 bedroom gite.

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As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 2

  • Episode 21 aired March 18th 2018
    Musicians Ben and Billie want to put on foodie events. Nicole and Stefan return with a new venture
  • Episode 25 aired March 22nd 2018
    Ben and Billie host their foodie evening with a pop-up restaurant in their orangery

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 3

  • Episode 1 aired October 28th 2019
    Ben and Billie start renovating their final room, currently a junk room but was a small library
  • Episode 2 aired October 29th 2019
    Ben and Billie show off their fossil rich landscape and visit Angel for advice regarding a display table
  • Episode 3 aired October 30th 2019
    Dick shares ideas with Ben and Billie
  • Episode 4 aired October 31st 2019
    Ben and Billie need to be ready for Billie’s brother’s wedding
  • Episode 5 aired November 1st 2019
    Ben and Billie welcome some sixty guests to their chateau

Click to View Channel 4 Episode Guide to Escape to the Chateau DIY Series 1-3

As seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY Series 4

  • Episode 19 aired April 16th 2020
    Ben and Billie have plans for a glamping site.  Ben decides to build a pontoon using palettes and styrofoam, looks great.
  • Episode 20 aired April 17th 2020
    In this episode Ben and Billie renovate the old sheep shed into a riverside boathouse.  The family receives delivery of their first bell tent for the glamping site, and the race is on to erect it in record time. 

*Information derived from https://en.wikipedia.org/

Information and Photos Courtesy of Chateau la Grande Maison


Ben and Billie
5-7 Rue du Huit Mai, Pas de Jeu 79100

Facebook Page


Available for: Weddings, private events, whole château rental, retreats, and workshops.

Number of Rooms:  Accommodate up to 22 guests,  1 Bedroom suite sleeps 2 adults 2 children with en-suite, 2 Bedroom suite sleeps 4 with en-suite, 3 Bedroom Suite sleeps 6 with en-suite.  2 Bedroom Gite with kitchen sleeps 4 with kitchen, 1 Bedroom Gite sleeps 2 adults 2 children with kitchen plus glamping. 2 Bell tents sleeps 2 adults

Amenities:  Seasonal swimming pool, 3-acre grounds with the river, Games room with pool and table tennis, Orangerie, pop up restaurant once a week.  Local attractions: Chateau of the Loire, Wine tasting, Puy du Fou, Futuroscope, Centre Parcs, Saumur, Chinon

  1. Allan Roberts

    A bit of an off the wall idea but we have just watched an episode when you were prepping for a glam ping site at your location. Have you thought of having a motorhome stopover? Not a lot needed, hard standing, mains power would be good but not essential, drinking water supply and a waste water and toilet emptying point. Not a lot of effort required and it could be a small income all year round, I know that we would be interested and am sure that lots of other motorhome owners would. Motorhome owners tend to travel all year, are retired and have enough disposable income to shall we say enjoy life.
    Just an idea to consider for the future. Thank you we both enjoy your segments of the show.

    • Lisa LaCount

      Hello Allan, I have shared this with Ben and Billie the owners of Chateau la Grande Maison. Thank you!


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