In response to his sister’s Elderflower Champagne – and so as not to be outdone – Arthur makes an omelette using Borage Flowers?  Borage what?!  I for one had never heard of them so I looked them up.  

According to “Borage is a plant with blue flowers that was introduced to Britain by the Romans and grows wild in some areas. Its leaves, flowers and stalks are edible and taste a little like cucumber. Borage leaves are good in salads, yoghurt or cream cheese mixtures, or served with shellfish.”

Here’s a little YouTube video I found about how to grow and harvest this herb:

Anyway, watch as Arthur and Dick make a masterpiece omelette while Dorothy waits [impatiently] for her breakfast to be served.  Click to watch Arthur’s creative recipe and see if it’s a hit with his sister!  Clearly Arthur is following in his Master Chef Father’s footsteps!

Why not give it a try and let us know how it comes out?

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