Wow, isn’t this amazing – the medieval Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley, a Unesco heritage site.  Historically staying in a French Châteaux was solely enjoyed by the ultra wealthy or privileged and titled of the era.  Imagine how life was, arriving in a gilded horse drawn carriage through the estate gates and down the tree lined approach to the château.  You are met at the bottom of the steps by the Lord and Lady of the Château while the servants bow as you pass them by, it’s what romantic novels are all about.

This is a bygone era which historically for most aristocrats ended badly, but what a legacy they left for us to enjoy in the 21st century.  Many of these historic buildings have become tourist attractions, open to the public during certain hours thus allowing us to savour the delights to the eyes.  Many have remained unloved and sadly gone to rack and ruin. Now comes the good news – thanks to the interest in Escape to the Château many of these relics are now being purchased and restored to their former glory.  Even better news is that they are being opened to us – the average person – to actually stay in them and live like Lords and Ladies.

We must give our heartfelt thanks to these château saviours for their arduous work and selfless drive and determination to restore these buildings to their former glory and to making these venues available for all of us to enjoy.  This Autumn we are going on a road trip to meet these valiant Château owners and to vlog (video blog) these venues. Stay tuned to https://chateauxescapesfrance.com/blog – the road trip is coming Autumn 2019.