Ever heard the melodic, hypnotic sounds of wind chimes on a windy day? Closing your eyes and focusing on their sound is very relaxing. And relaxation is a natural antidote to stress.

When we’re awake our brain is in the Beta state of consciousness (12 – 30HZ); our brain is busy processing stimuli from all of the sensory organs. The more stress you are under, the higher your brainwave activity will be.

When you close your eyes, you begin to slow your brainwaves down. With the aid of gentle, therapeutic sounds – such as those of a wind chime (or even just closing your eyes!) your brainwave activity will drop from the Beta state of consciousness to the Alpha state.

Alpha state (8 – 12Hz) is associated with deep relaxation and detached awareness (just between awakedness and sleep) and your subconscious mind. Continue to relax and your brainwave activity drops further to the Theta state of consciousness (4 – 8Hz), which is where light sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) and dreams occur.

After Theta, the next level down is Delta (0.5 – 4Hz), which is your state of deep, dreamless sleep, healing, and regeneration. Stressed out or overactive mind?

Just ring my chimes!