Chalk paint can be expensive especially if you use it frequently or have larger pieces to work on which perhaps may need 2 or even 3 coats.  We just moved into a home in Normandy where we inherited quite a few items which we have decided to upcycle with the new – very trendy – shabby chic look.

We have never before taken an old piece of furniture and given it new life, we’ve always preferred a modern style of decor.  But this house is so quirky (which is why we fell in love with it) that it simply does not lend itself to white high gloss and stainless.

My husband gasped when he saw the price of a 1 ltr can of [shabby chic] paint and so we decided to look and see if there’s a more budget friendly option – primarily based upon the fact that not having a clue what we;re doing we couldn’t see spending much money on an experiment!  

So we set about on our research and it seems there are varying opinions on what to use to mix with your latex paint.  Some Chateau DIY enthusiasts prefer calcium carbonate (purchased in bulk from amazon where it received great reviews) and other DIYers chose plaster of paris.  It seems that adding a small amount of plaster of paris adds to the durability (we’ll let you know)!

In our next blog we’ll share with you what we’ve found out about the next steps – how to prepare the piece for best results, products required and most importantly what to do with them.  Stay tuned . . . as we start this odyssey!