Recently featured on Escape to the Château DIY Series 3.  The Château Flore has been in the family for many years and was only opened to the public in the year 2000.  The Château is well worth a visit for the astounding 90 varieties of hydrangeas and the maze alone.

The Château Flore though not in the same state of total renovation as some others seen on Escape to the Château DIY, over the years all beautiful chateau homes require constant upkeep – some large, some small.  For the owners of Le Château Flore they are facing a major repair – the roof!

On the recent Escape to the Château DIY we all witnessed a very stressful day for the family who are raising money to repair the roof – a huge expense.  They decided to open the gardens to brocante and antique dealers and it turned out to be a huge success with more attendees than they could possibly have hoped for.  However the logistics – typical of any big event – turned out to be quite a challenge.  

On a very hot day, tempers were frayed as all the exhibitors (naturellement) wanted/needed a shady spot out of the intense sun.  The drinks and food area was heaving, how they didn’t run out is a mystery!

At the end of a frustrating yet rewarding day I’m sure you’ll join me in a toast to a successful venture and all best wishes for raising all the money they need to restore this beautiful home for us all to enjoy.  Santé!

For information on all the Châteaux as seen on Escape to the Château DIY please go to https://chateauxescapesfrance.com/featured-chateau where you will find them listed along with a map of their location.