Volunteer your services at a Chateau?  How and where do I sign up?!  On Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau we’ve seen the amazing work achieved, and the fun had, by volunteers at various Chateaux including Chateau de Lalande.  Earlier this year, Stephanie Jarvis created a vlog entitled “Volunteering at Lalande” where she provides all the details on how the system works and includes information on accommodation, meals etc.

We decided to source some other opportunities and information just in case you have ever had the urge to do something entirely different or simply feel like a “Chateau Escape in France”!

It didn’t take much sleuthing to come up with lots of options of websites where you can source Workaway adventures.  Here’s a few, they all give you information on how your unique talents can be put to work, plus a little background about the property owners:

Just as a world of caution, however, it’s not all a bed of roses.  I found this article written by a volunteer about the potential pitfalls to look out for.  “I Spent a Month at a French Chateau and then ran away Never to Come Back!

If you’re still tempted, here’s a few choices – and you’ll recognize some of the names as having been featured on Escape to the Chateau DIY:

So if you fancy something completely different and are looking for a getaway which offers more than eating, drinking and lying on the beach – look no further.  Think about it, your efforts will become a part of history!