By now you will have heard that the new Channel 4 series of Escape to the Château DIY has been delayed until March 23rd.  Disappointment for all but the 1st in a new 6 part series will be worth the wait!  We now know that there will be a new château featured – Chateau Gioux – which lies in the beautiful Limousin region.  We’ll keep you posted about the upcoming viewing schedule as well as many other interesting château related happenings on our new page Château Gossip.

In the meantime at ChateauxEscapesFrance we have been growing and have added over 400 château venues which we have coined Escape to the OTHER DIY Château.  Thanks to the popularity of the TV series and the adulation everyone has for Dick and Angel Strawbridge, fascination with everything château is at all time high.  

Many of you may be planning your summer holidays around visiting – and if lucky enough staying at – your favourite château as seen on the series.  However, many of these château are already booked this year and some even into 2022!  So we wanted to switch focus to the plethora of choices of fairy tale château accommodation and wedding or special event venues that France has to offer, in every Region.

In addition to the Chateau de Vaudezert in Normandy pictured above, two new châteaux worth a visit are Château de la Puisaye in Haute Normandy and Château de Villette in Burgundy, both of which offer bed and breakfast accommodation.

So we’ve done the homework for you and found a wide variety of choices, for both accommodation as well as for special events, in each of the 21 Regions of France.  The château are listed by Region and will take you directly to the websites.  Hope you find it useful and please share us with your friends and check our new Gossip page!