Last night my husband and I sat and watched the “Hairy Bikers” road trip which began in Corsica (click for the blog).  It’s a place we had not thought about visiting but after seeing it on television last night we are tempted; it looks rugged, unspoilt and very beautiful.  One of our sons worked there as a tennis coach last year during his Summer University break but sadly we were not able to visit him, for which we are now sorry!  

In order to maintain it’s natural beauty the law prohibits the construction of new buildings within 100 meters of the coast outside urban areas.  According to Corsican Places: “Corsica is unspoilt, green and very mountainous making it spectacular. It’s full of character, authentic seaside resorts and offers great walking opportunities.

As for the cuisine, the Hairy Bikers took viewers on a culinary tour evidencing that on Corsica time has stood still.  The sheer simplicity of the life of the shepherds and farmers is almost biblical. They have a breed of cattle which is unique to Corsica, the Zebra, which are allowed to roam free as are the goats.  As the direct result of happy animals the beef and cheese products are in huge demand by Michelin star chefs. Strangely for an island, meat is more widely eaten than fish!    

So this morning I got up and thought to myself, “I need to see if there are any Château on the island”.  There are in fact quite a few, though many are now historic monuments and as such uninhabitable. However I did find these beauties:

Accommodation (some with restaurants)

So when this C thing is all over and you’re thinking of your Escape to the OTHER Château, consider Corsica with direct flights on BA, RyanAir and EasyJet.

Stay safe!  Please share this with your Château and travel loving friends!