Mark your calendars for October 22nd and (in some chateaux) October 23rd for the 4th Nuit des Chateaux which began in 2019!  This is the 4th time that this event has taken place in France, (as well as on a much smaller scale in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and the Czech Republic).  Hundreds of castles will open their doors to visitors for an extraordinary nighttime experience.  Their slogan “Discover the treasures of our heritage by moonlight”, how romantic!

Some participating chateaux offer musical events, others a spectacular dinner and others a simple stroll around the grounds, lantern in hand, to take in the illuminated chateaux.  It has been described by some as “Taking part in one of the many celebrations given by the kings of France since Louis XIII”.

Most of the participating chateaux typically close before dusk, but once a year on this night they avail the chateaux and grounds to the public to soak in the magic of reflected light on the fountains, candle lit ballrooms, and fireworks in a select few.

To find out where your local Nuit des Chateaux is and to buy tickets: https://www.nuitdeschateaux.com/#3 or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nuitdeschateaux/.  Looks amazing.  Enjoy and we encourage you to share your photos on The Escape to the Chateau Experience.

The event is organised by Dartagnans the first French crowdfunding platform to allow citizens the opportunity to preserve it’s heritage through donations. Their concept is to allow thousands of people to become castellans with just 50€ to save castles in danger and thus give them a second life.  If you would like more information or to donate to this worthy cause please go to https://dartagnans.fr/en/home/index.

Photo courtesy of https://www.nuitdeschateaux.com/