Château Gossip – March

Mar 31, 2020
The Franco American Museum at Château de Blérancourt. 
 In July 1917, the castle became the headquarters of a humanitarian organisation, the American Committee for Devastated France made up of American women overseen by American Anne Morgan.   Click for Video or Visit Website.

Mar 30, 2020
Every Man’s Home is his Castle. 
Sometimes you simply must share fantastic pictures that you find on Facebook so today here’s an AMAZING Italian 16th Century fireplace.  Click to view 

Mar 29, 2020
Dick and Angel Send a Personal Message to a Fan. 
After a family loss, look what uplifting message they sent to one of their fans who had bought tickets but was unable to attend their recent UK tour.  Click to view

Mar 28, 2020
Doing it Ourselves Episode 2. 
A video update on progress at Chateau de la Basmaignée.  Click to view

Mar 27, 2020
Springtime at Château des Lys. 
It’s so comforting that nature is totally unaware of the crisis that is currently going on in the world”.  Watch Tim and Margreeth’s uplifting video

Mar 26, 2020
NEW! Stephanie Jarvis of Château de Lalande “Chateau Stories”.  In the first of a new series, Stephanie reads you a bedtime story.  Episode 1 “The Young Visitors” by Daisy Ashford.  Get a cup of cocoa and have a listen

Mar 25, 2020
Before and After at Château du Masgelier. 
Take a look at these stunning renovation videos: (1) Reception Room3  (2) Reception Room 2

Mar 24, 2020
Château de la Basmaignée. 
Episode 1 of a new series of Video Blogs “Doing it Ourselves” from Billy and Gwendoline.  View video

Mar 23, 2020
The “Angel Bathroom” at Chateau de Brametourte. 
Paul and Alison have been busy at the chateau and have just revealed photos of their totally gorgeous bathroom renovation.

Mar 20, 2020
Coming Soon to Chateau de la Basmaignée.  Starting in April 2020 on a regular basis, Basmaignée will welcome a spiritual wellness retreat organized by a newly founded local business, Lilac42.  Details

Mar 18, 2020
As per France Government mandate all public events are cancelled until further notice. 
Please be sure to immediately check with your Chateau venue where you have booked an event or accommodation as well as with your transport company. 

Mar 17, 2020
Escape to the South of France in Episode 1 of Series 4
.  Meet ex Londoners Tim and Sasha the newest Chateau to be featured on the upcoming series of Escape to the Chateau DIY starting March 23rd.  Introducing Chateau du Puits es Pratx

Mar 15, 2020
Progress on the Ballroom Ceiling at Château du Joli Bois. 
Watch the progress as Vanessa and Ben put their stamp on history and lovingly restore the Ballroom Ceiling which will become the venue for memorable weddings and events full of dancing and happiness.  Take a look

Mar 14, 2020
Christian Dior’s Garden in Granville, Normandy. 
When in Normandy a visit to the garden musuem belonging to the designer Christian Dior is well worth a visit.  The garden doesn’t have anything botanically unusual but its location is quite extraordinary, and it has a history linked to the bourgeois Dior family from Granville.  Click for video tour

Mar 13, 2020
A Table Setting Perfect for a Fairytale Princess Wedding.   
Saw this fairytale table setting on Facebook complete with lashings of wisteria, gold filigree chairs, candles and many more fantasy touches.  Take a look

Mar 12, 2020
Château de Sauge Chambre d’Hotes now open.  Cedar Apartment (sleeps 4), Woodland
Suite (sleeps 4) and Victoria Suite (sleeps 3) now available for rent.  Read more

Mar 11, 2020
New Featured Château coming in upcoming series of Escape to the Château DIY
The Château Gioux which is in the Limousin is the newest addition to the upcoming Channel 4 Series.  Read more 

Mar 10, 2020
Concerned about Travelling on the Eurotunnel with the threat of coronavirus?  
The Eurotunnel is taking guidance from the Department for Transport and Public Health England as well as French Government advice.  Most ticket types may be used for up to 1 year from date of purchase and can be amended with no admin fees if changed prior to actual day of travel.  Flexiplus tickets are 100% refundable.  Read more

Mar 9, 2020
Now They are Three at Chateau de Rosières En Vivarais.  Congratulations Amy and Marc on the arrival of adorable baby Clément.  Here are some photos

Mar 3, 2020
Series 4 of Escape to the Château DIY Rescheduled!  Sorry to let everyone know that the 1st of 6 episodes of Channel 4’s latest Escape to the Château DIY has been delayed until March 23rd.  You’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see Dick and Angel and all the other talented Château owners at work!  Read more