Why are the majority of yoga class attendees women when most of the ancient yogis who formulated yoga were men?!  The benefits of gentle yoga can be enjoyed by both men and women:

  1. Reduces stress – Life in the current day can cause significant stress. Studies have shown that yoga aids to decrease stress and therefore stress-related diseases.
  2. Increased flexibility – A greater range of motion in the joints, improved coordination and balance and ergo less chance of injuries.
  3. Improved posture Poor posture can lead to both physical and mental stress. It adversely affects your body’s natural alignment, which puts abnormal physical stress on the body.
  4. Build lean muscle & strength – Targeting all muscle groups increases overall strength and endurance. Yoga makes you stronger and therefore increases weight lifting strength and improved performance in other types of fitness.
  5. Improves circulation & oxygenation – Yoga is a whole body workout.  Yoga and yogic breathing techniques improve circulation to all the organs of the body for optimum performance.
  6. Alleviates certain chronic pain – Yoga is known to be very beneficial for relieving lower back pain.
  7. Mind Body Discipline – Yoga gives you greater mental awareness and acuity.
  8. Less Time at the Doctor – A recent study found that people who performed yoga regularly spent less time at the Doctor’s Office.
  9. Improve Concentration – Yoga improves concentration so you can make better decisions with a clearer focus.
  10. Yoga is achievable for seniors even with mobility issues – If men are restricted by medical issues they may not be able to perform high impact exercises.  Yoga can be tailored to suit all fitness and agility levels whilst providing the same health benefits.

Our Escapes in Châteaux in France are tailored specifically to the over 50s who are no longer as flexible as they were or who have never tried yoga.  We offer a gentle introduction to Fun Yoga 4 Every Body.  Our weekends are not just about yoga we include beautiful relaxing sound journeys using centuries-old traditional instruments and also a lot of fun with locally sourced food and wines.  Join us and give yourself a wonderful break www.chateauxescapesfrance.com