This blog will appeal to all the fans of Escape to the Château  DIY. We all watch with interest as the blessed châteaux owners forge on with their labours of love, sometimes going it alone, sometimes enlisting the help of the magnificently knowledgeable Dick Strawbridge to solve engineering conundrums and gifted Angel Strawbridge for her prodigiously creative mind just bursting with creative ideas.

What Channel 4 does’t often show is the events which are going on at the various Châteaux of which there are many – and frequently – and VERY varied in nature.  Next weekend the Château de Bailleul is hosting a Beer Festival (we’re going, see you there) and later on in August a Summer Garden Party. The Château de la Basmaignée is offering “Girlie Weekends”, imagine having your hen party in a castle.  Later in the year the Château de Bourneau is running an Art Retreat and then a Floral Retreat. The Château de Montvason is hosting 2 events in October, one of which is a Murder/Mystery whodunnit in the Château – spooktacular!

These Château owners are brave spirits who decided that life was too short, took the plunge and are now living the dream of owning a fairytale castle in France.  They’re opening their homes to all of us so we can see first hand what they have accomplished – they are very proud of their endeavours and rightfully so.

These events are available to the general public and are an amazing opportunity to not only spend time in these amazing homes but to stay as a guest and meet the owners who you will recognized from Channel 4 Escape to the Château DIY.  Why not pop in and meet them – the Château experience is waiting!

For an events calendar go to https://chateauxescapesfrance.com/chateau-events and keep coming back as we add more.