Remember the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” well that is certainly true given the current surge of interest in upcycling items which may have been thrown out as unusable, or sourced from a brocante or flea market.  It is true to say that what one person views as worthless may be cherished by another, especially after we’ve personalized it and made it our own.

We’ve all admired French shabby chic in the past but perhaps thought it was only suited to French Chateaux.  However Angel Strawbridge (star of Escape to the Chateau) has made her now famous Chateau de Motte Husson designs available to everyone and shown us all that we too can decorate our (non chateau) homes using vintage upcycled furniture and furnishings.  It is very trendy and let’s face it how long has it been since we’ve actually got a bucket of paint and sanders out and done some create designing of our own?

How exciting is it to go to a local flea market and find that sad, abused beauty sitting there just waiting to be given it’s life back.  You take it home, give it love and in return it gives you pleasure – and a feeling of pride – every single day. Of course the real hunting grounds are the brocantes in France where you could easily while away the day, and likely come home with more bargains than you have room for in your car!  Happy hunting! Send us photos of your “second chance for life” treasures.

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