May 16th Feast Day of St Honore Patron Saint of Bakers!

Wikipedia:  Saint Honoratus of Amiens (Honoré, sometimes Honorius) (d. 16 January ca. 400) was the seventh bishop of AmiensAccording to a legend, when it was known in his hometown that he had been proclaimed bishop, his nursemaid, who was baking bread for the family, refused to believe that Honoratus had been elevated to such a position. She remarked that she would believe the news only if the peel she had been using to bake bread put down roots and turned itself into a tree. When the peel was placed into the ground, it was transformed into a mulberry tree that gave flowers and fruit. This miraculous tree was still being shown in the sixteenth century. (Wikipedia)

His feast day is May 16 and today is the day we thank this Patron Saint of Bakers for bringing us the wonderful délice we now recognise – and enjoy – as the french pastry!

So if you’re feeling creative this weekend I found this YouTube video on how to make this masterpiece of French pastry:

Enjoy and a very Happy St Honore Day!  Bon appetit!

St Honore

St Honore