Over the past few years we’ve watched the Strawbridges take on the mammoth task of buying a rather derelict French chateau and renovating it into what has now become a fairytale home for them and their children.  We have seen Arthur and Dorothy blossom into fun-loving youngsters and now the entire Strawbridge family are enjoying the fruits of their labours to the fullest.

Recently Dick and Angel have been creating candid home videos to share insight into their idyllic life, and we truly believe it’s not just for the camera.  The obvious affection between Dick and Angel and their children is completely genuine.  A recent video shows them tiptoeing through the walled garden where Dick and Angel have set up a tent so they can enjoy a family “teddy bear” picnic together in the shade.  The childhood which Arthur and Dorothy are enjoying is extraordinary.

Here’s the family picnic video:

Strawbridge Family Picnic Courtesy of TheChateau.TV

Perhaps we should all learn a lesson from this?  Even in these strange times we as families can all create our own family togetherness be it in our own back gardens or in the local park.  Fun family experiences such as these will stay with your children forever. Picnic food need not be boring as Dick demonstrates with his home made chutney – get some ideas from Jaimie Oliver. Enjoy and how about sharing some family picnic photos?

Image and video courtesy of TheChateau.TV