Today is The Feast of the Assumption which is a public holiday celebrated in France on August 15th.  It’s a very important day in the Catholic religion.

We decided to go to the beautiful town of Bagnoles de l’Orne to have lunch.  Knowing the French tradition of enjoying elaborate celebratory lunches we should have reserved ahead and found ourselves in the situation of taking what we could get.  The only option happened to be a lively brasserie located in the heart of the town which ordinarily would be packed with happy-faced diners. Today, however, the weather is reminiscent of a day on the south coast of England and as such we found ourselves on the large terrace amongst the few lunch-goers brave enough (or hungry enough) to endure the wind which was threatening to take the umbrellas into the lake, the dark grey skies and inevitable rain which arrived halfway through our meal (ours is the table in the foreground – we had to make a hasty retreat!).  

I had not dressed for the weather this morning based upon my husband’s certain knowledge that the weather was forecast to “cheer up” by the afternoon.  Some restaurants had supplied blankets and well-braced umbrellas for the outside diners but no such luxuries for us leaving me with cold legs and wet feet.  Not the mid-August Holiday day everyone had been hoping for, ahh Summer in Northern Europe!

Not all doom and gloom, however, we did manage a beautiful glass of wine while waiting for our table (inside where it was nice and warm I might add) and after lunch we braved it and took a short stroll through the town to view the fabulous brocante on the main street as well of course as the lake itself.  Bagnoles de l’Orne should definitely be on your list if you are visiting Normandy.