In case you missed it, or did not watch Chateau de Lalande’s Cadeaux at the Chateau recently, Stephanie received the gift of a truly amazing, handmade “Sack Gown”.

To explain the origin of this term and according to Wikipedia The sack-back gown or robe à la française was a women’s fashion of the 18th century. At the beginning of the century, the sack-back gown was a very informal style of dress. At its most informal, it was unfitted both front and back and called a sacque, contouche, or robe battante. By the 1770s the sack-back gown was second only to court dress in its formality. This style of gown had fabric at the back arranged in box pleats which fell loose from the shoulder to the floor with a slight train. In front, the gown was open, showing off a decorative stomacher and petticoat. It would have been worn with a wide square hoop or panniers under the petticoat. Scalloped ruffles often trimmed elbow-length sleeves, which were worn with separate frills called engageantes.”

Stephanie looks and feels like a true Chatelaine in this beautiful gown which was handmade for her by Allice Allen.  The gown is a hand sewn masterpiece with stunning details.  Here’s the front and back views.  Click to view.

In another YouTube Video Stephanie showcases some other fabulous dresses some of which she customised herself using fabrics purchased for example on her trip to Venice.  Take a look  – I think you will agree that the Chatelaine of Lalande makes an ideal model for this era, as evidenced in Phillip Mainor’s Madame Mystery!!  You look lovely Stephanie!

Cover image courtesy By Henry Pickering (fl.1740-1771) – Nottingham City Museums
Public Domain