We found this beautiful piece in the region of Murcia, Spain.  It belonged to a young lady who had likely inherited it from her parents or grandparents.  Sadly, as is often the case with beautiful pieces such as this one, the style did not suit her taste in decor so she decided to sell it.

Having no background in antiques I inquired of a few people and luckily one of my relatives has a friend who has some insight into Spanish antiques and this is what she said: It’s most likely a “taquillón” style sideboard and because of the crown on the top of the shield it would possibly have belonged to a noble family and therefore Castellano. She said the doors were exceptionally well carved, an interesting and antique piece 100+ years old.  She is looking into it further so I will let you know what secrets might be revealed – I wonder what story is being told in those carvings and I wonder what they might have witnessed over the past century or so?

When I posted the original photograph of the sideboard on the Chateaux Escapes France Facebook page there were a few who told me to absolutely leave it in its natural condition, I quote “DO NOT PAINT IT”, and then there were the others who said “cannot wait to see it finished, what are your plans for it?”.

It was with some trepidation that I selected my initial paint colour (Autentico Versante Matt Paint, Flannel Grey).  With the Autentico Paint line I don’t find the necessity for a base coat; the paint goes on flawlessly and, as you can see for yourselves, it covered beautifully with no bleeding.

When painting a piece, I let it “talk to me” – so it was only after applying the first coat that I made my choice of second coat color.  Long story short, I have ordered my next paint and cannot wait for it to get here. As soon as it arrives I will share the next step with you so you can judge for yourselves!

In the meantime, if you would like to see more about this wonderful line of paint – including chalk paint for chateau chic-ing please click here.  (If you purchase from Autentico we do receive a small commission as their affiliate, so thank you in advance for your purchase).

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