Sounds are everywhere. Your morning alarm clock, dogs barking, birds singing, tires screeching, horns honking. Mankind uses sounds for many reasons; crying in sorrow, singing for joy, battle cries, war chants, drumming, clapping, whistling and so on.

Your recognition of sounds actually began in your mother’s womb. When you awoke from a bad dream, your mum would talk to you in a comforting voice and sing a lullaby to get you back to sleep. But what about nowadays?

You can actually use your own voice to relieve stress and anxiety and calm yourself down – even if you can’t carry a tune. I know! I am the world’s worst singer. Humming, that’s the ticket! Many eastern cultures use the word Om as a sacred sound for meditation. While I don’t assign it any spiritual significance, it does work a treat for meditation, calming and de-stressing.
Whether you say, sing or hum it, do give it a try the next time you find yourself wound up. Ommm is all there is to it! Resonate the sound from your belly and feel the vibration from your vocal cords as you hold the ‘m’ to the count of 4.

You can practice your Ommm at the Château de Montvason France Escape, there are 2 dates in October.