The region of Picardy is without doubt the easiest to get to and our closest neighbour from the UK with access by ferry, chunnel or by train.  It is an historical region (Battle of the Somme where over 3 million men fought and more than 1 million men were wounded or killed) stretching from the Paris suburbs and vineyards of Champagne to the the Bay of Somme on the English Channel.  

The regional capital city of Amiens (nicknamed the Venice of the North) is a university town dominated by its fantastic Gothic cathedral, gorgeous floating gardens on the canals as well as being the home of the novelist Jules Verne (now a museum).  

The weather in Picardy mirrors that of the south coast of England but does not experience extreme cold – more of the wet stuff!  Picardy is quite flat with the highest peak Mont Watigny lying at just 285m above sea level. Very rural with only 11% being built up, the rest is farmland.

As in all regions of France there are many events and things to do in PIcardy ranging from a day to the Asterix park to a gorgeous visit to Chateau de Chantilly.

To aid you in finding accommodation in a chateau bed and breakfast or gite accommodation or to schedule a special event in this historic area here’s a list of 20 such venues.

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