The Saturday recipe is brought to you by the Chateau de Vaudezert in Normandy and is aptly named “Normandy Parma Parcels”.

Karen is the Chatelaine at Vaudezert and she is already in Normandy preparing for and looking forward to greeting guests as soon as travel is possible.  In line with Covid precautions there will be a 3 day gap in between guests to ensure safety.  Now is the time to book and look forward to Karen’s cuisine – if you book a 3 night stay she will greet you with a wonderful meal including wine or beer.  Click to view Chateau de Vaudezert and to inquire.

Ingredients per portion
2 slices of Parma ham
Two slices of Granny Smith apples
25g slice of camembert
Salad leaves
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Method:  Cut the apple into slices (rounds) melt the butter in a non stick pan and brown the apple slices off add a splash of Calvados at the end to add a little flavour.  Let the apple cool then form the parcels.  Cut a slice of Camembert and put it between the apple slices.  Then use the Parma ham slices one at a time to make a parcel around the apple and Camembert filling.  These can be made up well in advance then either placed under a grill to brown off or pan fried.  Just colour the ham on either side and not over cook which would have the Camembert melt out.  Serve on a bed of salad leaves dressed with the vinaigrette.   Enjoy

This recipe was brought to the Château by Marcus Gledhill from the Auberge du Lac, bon appetit!