Hooray, after many reruns of Escape to the Chateau DIY, the long awaited new series Make Do and Mend is launching this week!   The four-part series will share tips with viewers via video chat with the first episode airing on Thursday 30 July at 8pm on C4.  AND we get to meet Petale!

The Strawbridges filmed the series themselves during lockdown and according to Angel: “I had to ensure Dick wasn’t looking too dishevelled before going on camera, and we had to make sure a dozen things were working before every single shot too. A couple of times we forgot to turn a camera on!” 

Dick and Angel will share their wealth of practical DIY knowledge to assist viewers with their decoration and restoration projects.  Wouldn’t we all love to have been one of the lucky recipients!  During the new series Dick and Angel will also carry out some projects of their own – what will they be?!  

According to Dick: We receive so many emails and questions on social media asking how we do certain things and the numbers went up in lockdown because people had time to do things that had been on their list for ages.  We said, Why don’t we help?’”

During the series we can look forward to Dick and Angel redesigning rooms and gardens as well as restoring items such as a drink trolley and a stereogram.  In the inaugural episode they’ll build a home smoker, restore an old front door and jazz up a retro bathroom.

Dick and Angel admit to having achieved a huge degree of satisfaction during the series by building confidence in DIYers who previously had little confidence in their efforts and abilities.

We’ll also meet Petale the family’s new puppy!  “We got her two days before France shut down. She’s six months old now and big and fluffy,” reveals Dick. “She’s part of our pack and goes everywhere with us and on adventures with the kids.”

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