Filming has started for Dick and Angel’s new series “Make, Do and Mend” – and by the way they are still seeking applications to be featured (email makedoandmend@dickandangel.co.uk for an application if you want Dick and Angel’s sage advice on solving your DIY dilemma)!  

You all remember “Café Grandma” (the neon sign which was installed in Angel’s parent’s renovated kitchen) well Grandma has been in full baking mode and Dick has promised to share her chocolate cake recipe in the next few days.  We all groan as the common complaint during this lockdown has been that the clothes have come out of the dryer much smaller than they went in LOL!

I decided to delve a little deeper into the original Make Do and Mend scheme which was introduced in June 1940 and focused on clothes rationing.  It was a government backed scheme which was introduced to encourage people to repair and “rejuvenate” worn out clothing.  During this time of rationing hand made and repaired clothing was an essential part of life.

Though this was indeed a very difficult time in history it is remembered with some nostalgia as being a time of unity, sharing and sacrifice.  In these current unprecedented times much of this sentiment is being revived which can only be viewed as something positive in an otherwise intolerable situation.

So here are a few tips which were suggested in 1940 and strangely are now pertinent in the year 2000 (with the shops being closed) and I found this interesting article “10 Tips for Winning at Make Do and Mend”.

So if you’ve thought about learning to sew or knit, or if you have some repairs which have been in the back of your wardrobe, now you have time!

Enjoy and please share with other “Angel” crafters and “Dick” DIYers!

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