1. Get Some Sun.  The best source of Vitamin D which regulates your hunger signals!  It works with the hormone leptin to regulate your appetite control so when it malfunctions you’ll be rushing to the cupboard for some munchies!
  2. Manage Stress With Yoga.  We all know that stress causes you to overeat, that chocolate ice cream in the fridge calls to you.  The best way to manage stress is relaxation and yoga is ideal as in addition you will improve your balance, your core strength and your mindfulness.  Do not be put off by the yogis you see doing the full frog. As much benefit can be derived from the gentlest of yoga stretches, you can even do them sitting down, or the latest rage from New York City is Tipsy Yoga, or dance yoga using safe effective yoga poses and stretches.  Yoga nowadays encompasses every part of your body including your face. Yoga can be practiced at any age and is highly recommended to ward off the effects of aging. Give it a tr!
  3. Get Quality Sleep.  Sleep is incredibly important to your overall health, including weight control and youthfulness.  While you are sleeping your body is producing the human growth hormone (HGH). You are advised to get 7-8 hours a day preferably routinely at the same time each night (avoid those screens before bed!).
  4. Think About Meal Prepping.  Many of us are too busy and only think about dinner at the last minute by which time we are severely hungry and perhaps do not make the best choices for ourselves.  To avoid “grabbing” unhealthy food, think ahead and cook quantities to freeze, could not be quicker than that.
  5. Do Not Push Yourself – Be Kind to Yourself.  If a week goes by and you have not lost any pounds, yet you have been to the gym and eaten properly – don’t forget muscle weighs more than fat.  Think about how your clothes fit not what the scale tells you. As a word or precaution, do not overexert at the gym, again try yoga for an all over fitness routine – body, mind and soul all in one!

*I am not a nutritionist.  This data has been derived from research.