It’s harvest time in Normandy – not wine but apples and pears.  Recently, I was at our local brico (DIY) shop and in the car park saw a large van – a mobile press to process locally grown Normandy apples and pears.  The state-of-the-art equipment allows you to wash, grind, squeeze, filter, pasteurize and package in a Bag In Box (BIB) or Pouch.  These vans service locals who are not major producers but have an abundant harvest of juicy produce to enjoy – and to preserve.  This method keeps your apple or pear juice 100% natural and produce can be kept fresh for a year or longer.

Of course what do apples make?  Cider of course.  Normandy cider is well loved in France as well as internationally.  There is a Cider Route in lower Normandy which is a 40 kilometre sign posted circular route which comprises over 20 producers who are “officially named” along the route known as Cru de Cambremer.  There are of course many off the beaten track cider producers where you will find a warm welcome to come in and taste.

Post cider?  The world famous (and very potent) Calvados.  Calvados is distilled from cider from selected apples and fermented into a dry cider, then distilled into eau de vie.  After aging for 2 years in oak casks it can then be sold as Calvados.  The Normandy Experience offers a unique experience https://www.calvados-experience.com/en/.

The little apple is an important player in Normandy, a votre santé!