Ever tried aqua yoga? It’s super low impact, very easy on the body and fun. The buoyancy of the water takes the bodyweight off of joints and thus alleviates pain or discomfort which may potentially be experienced on land, as well as improving strength, flexibility and range of motion. When the muscles are more relaxed they can be stretched and strengthened with less likelihood of stress injury.

Aqua yoga can benefit those suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fybromalgia, muscular dystrophy, sciatica, anxiety, depression as well as for post surgery (hip or knee replacements for example) as well as people who have difficulty balancing.

Through the use of props like noodles coupled with the support of the wall, many yoga poses become much easier to perform. Just as on land we use props for balance (such as chairs or blocks) the support allows participants to focus more on correct body alignment rather than the effort needed to raise the leg.

The added bonus of aqua yoga is that nobody can see how high you are able to raise your leg, or how you look in your fitness wear! The water is your friend and you’re able to be less self-conscious and just focus on yourself!