Last weekend we met friends for lunch on the coast of Normandy.  Having previously discussed the French love for lunch we were foolish enough to simply show up at a seafood restaurant which had been recommended to us.  One look in the window and we knew what the answer would be, not a seat to be had. We had in fact tried to telephone for a reservation but they did not pick up, clearly they were already booked solid.  Our friends had travelled from Paris that morning and had had an early start to their day so they were ready to eat. How cruel was the aroma of fish cooking wafting from the kitchen!

We got back in the car and drove toward the town of Ouistreham, which you will recognize as being the landing port for ferries from the UK.  We had never actually stopped there, usually arriving and driving straight to our final destination. Today however, with two hungry travellers to feed, it was looking very welcoming!

We wondered in trepidation if we would find a restaurant which would serve us since at this point it was already close to 2:00 pm, the usual closing time for lunch.  We were in luck, we found a lively street which led to the harbour along which were many lively restaurants and bars teeming with happy guests. On the waters edge we found a large fish restaurant which offered both indoor and outdoor seating, sadly all seats on the terrace were long since taken but by this time empty stomachs had taken over personal choice!

Needless to say lunch was fabulous, the freshest of mussels.  Since we had arrived relatively late, the diners on the next table were already on to their dessert and boy were they savouring every little morsel as you can see from the photo.  

The French absolutely ADORE their desserts and it’s small wonder.  Go into any patisserie in any town – large or small – and find absolute delicioushness!  The tray of petite pastries pictured came from our local shop and believe it or not the whole tray only cost us 11 euros.  Bon appetit, we’ll diet tomorrow!