Here we are already at the end of week 4 of our favourite programme Escape to the Chateau DIY, yikes!!!!  But don’t despair, In case you missed it, we are waiting for the date for the 4 Part Series Dick and Angel Strawbridge : Make Do and Mend TV show.  A 4 part series coming soon to Channel 4 as part of their new Lockdown Academy programming designed to assist us during this time.  Dates yet to be announced but we’ll keep you updated.

Dick left us at the end of this week’s episodes in his pride and joy – his walled garden with 40 fruit trees!  Let’s see what the new faces as well as the returning ones have been up to:

Château les Bernards : Escape to the Château DIY Series 4
Episode 17 aired April 14, 2020
With Simon still working in the UK it was left to Debbie and daughter Georgie to renovate the master bedroom.  In spite of being novices to stripping wallpaper while balancing on a rickety scaffolding the girls did a fab job and Simon was suitably impressed with the end result.
Episode 18 aired April 15, 2020
The hope is that the Château will bring in an income so the plan is to renovate the gite into guest accommodation.  Simon is a hobby Chinese food chef and has brought his beloved cooker all the way from Surrey. With invited family they all go to the local market to source produce, though finding bean sprouts in rural France proves to be a challenge!  Ingredients in hand Simon produces a delicious meal and plans for offering Chinese cooking weekends becomes a reality. 

Chateau de Dohem : Escape to the Chateau DIY Series 4
Episode 16 aired April 13, 2020
Wendy and Marcus get stuck in the mud while moving the pavers to renovate the pool area.  They would love to make a permanent move to France and set about renovating the barn into a wedding and event venue.
Episode 17 aired April 14, 2020
We learn about Wendy and Marcus’ love story.  Wendy learns a new skill while laying the gravel for the barn floor in preparation for the oak flooring.   Meanwhile Marcus is tasked with building a custom bar adjacent to the new venue. After all the dirty work is done Wendy finally has some creative fun with cartwheel light fixtures and classic pillars to compliment the gothic doors which she found on the internet.  Finished venue – beautiful, well done.
Episode 18 aired April 15, 2020
Wendy and daughter make the finishing touches on the wedding barn ahead of Madame la Maire’s scheduled visit, sadly the Maire has to reschedule.  It’s beautiful, they use fairy lit flower garland over the beams and a floral backdrop for the wedding couple.
Episode 19 aired April 16, 2020
The first wedding in the newly renovated wedding barn but the bride and groom have requested a “steam punk” theme.  Time to cover up the floral backdrop, get the heavy dark fabrics out and wow such creative items made out of copper piping!  Episode 20 aired April 17, 2020
They’re hosting a Hen Party at the Chateau with a Masked Ball theme.  The “Hens” are delayed on their crossing and arrive after dark none the worse for their travels on their illuminated party bus.  A fabulous weekend included high tea french style and a Venetian night.

Chateau la Grande Maison : Escape to the Chateau DIY Series 4
Episode 19 aired April 16, 2020
Ben and Billie have plans for a glamping site.  Ben decides to build a pontoon using palettes and styrofoam, floats great and looks great!
Episode 20 aired April 17, 2020
In this episode Ben and Billie renovate the old sheep shed into a riverside boathouse.  The family receives delivery of their first bell tent for the glamping site, and the race is on to erect it in record time. 

Please share with (for whatever reason) you or your friends and family missed any episodes this week.