Well at the End of Week 3 we are already half way through the current series of Escape to the Château DIY, and thank goodness for the diversion during these troubling times.  

This week we were introduced to new Châteaux owners Phillip and Janet from Château de la Fare which is located in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon (more recently renamed as Occitanie).  Château de la Fare sees the interesting new owners Australian born Phillip and Janet.  Phillip having just retired from serving Her Majesty herself is very accustomed to grand buildings!  Shortly after they moved in they had already planned to host the wedding of their daughter Penny, with very little time available to renovate the wedding suite.  After a few snafus (the bathtub not fitting into the allotted space for example) the completed suite brings tears of joy to the bride the sincerity of which, in my opinion, have not been seen before on any of the previous  Escape to the Chateau DIY series.

Meanwhile at Château la Perriere Paul and Karen have been the owners – and renovators – for the past 15 years.  While currently still commuting, their plan is to ultimately retire at their Château paradise.  This episode saw them renovating the coach house into an event venue.  The first step was the roof which sadly took a huge bite out of their budget but with Karen’s creativity she created a magical venue which wowed their friends at the grand opening party.

At Domaine de la Salle, Mariam and Johnno decide to spruce up their front garden and plan a French parterre garden (according to Wikipedia : A parterre is a formal garden constructed on a level substrate, consisting of plant beds, typically in symmetrical patterns, which are separated and connected by paths.  Similar to the famous gardens of Versailles).  The work sees Johnno lugging wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of decorative rocks in a summer heatwave.  Next project is the Grand Salon for which Mariam plans and hosts a 1940s themed grand opening of their events venue.  As if that was not enough, Johnno sets about renovating the original bread oven as a feature for bread making weekends at their now almost completely renovated Domaine de la Salle.

Hope all our readers are staying safe.

Series 4 Episodes 11-15

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