Out of the darkness of what is happening at the moment – how about some light?  Since we’re now being forced to spend time at home why not indulge in an Escape to the Chateau DIY Binge Watch?   You can catch up on Channel 4 and watch all episodes of Seasons 1-3.  Might be a good idea too, since Season 4 starts on Monday 23rd where you’ll see all your favourites – plus a few new faces.  

I don’t know about you, but ETTC DIY gets my creative juices flowing.  My husband and I are currently locked down and if it weren’t for having our shabby chic-ing hobby in our lives we would be climbing the walls – and this is only day 4!  We have a couple of pieces which we were already working on prior to lockdown, and if it goes on for longer than 2 weeks we are already concerned about what we will do for our next projects.  The kitchen cabinets perhaps?

The solution we came up with is the myriad of educational YouTube tutorial videos which ordinarily we don’t have the time – or take the time – to watch.  As a case in point, we had purchased some gold leaf with plans to use it on a future piece, the problem is we didn’t know how to to successfully apply it – but the solution is readily available on YouTube.  We had also purchased paint to update our kitchen cabinets, but our busy calendars had stopped us from beginning such a big job . . . now we have the time.

All the necessary bits and pieces are readily available online  for fellow “DIY-itis” sufferers.  (Here’s a fun article which was authored by my husband last September:  Do You Suffer From DIYitis?)   I read yesterday that Amazon is to hire 100,000 more employees due to the current – and very necessary – home delivery demand.  

Our chalk paints and accessories of choice are from Autentico.  In fact, we are stockists and affiliates, so just sayin’ that if you were to purchase through this link, we would be compensated (and grateful!).

A gorgeous array of paint is available from Autentico who will ship directly to your home.  From Autentico you can purchase everything from the stripper/cleaner (Bio Strip) designed to prep your piece to a beautiful array of paint colours (click to download the brochure) and the finishing waxes in a variety of colours.