The big day arrived at Château de Lalande!

Château de Lalande, Centre
The big day arrived at Château de Lalande – Stephanie’s Mother’s wedding day.  Flowers adorned the newly renovated carriage, the Bride and all those who attended (except for Gerry who wore his best kilt for the occasion).  The bride was transported by carriage to the chapel and was greeted by “Amazing Grace” led by Stephanie. Champagne literally flowed at the reception (the bottles were chilled in the fountain) and as the sun set the guests were treated to a sumptuous 6 course dinner in the newly adorned pergola.  It was, however, the groom’s speech which was the standout moment.  After a VERY long wait Stephanie was finally able to post photos of the occasionMore about Château de Lalande

Château de Brive, Poitou-Charentes
At the Château de Brive Sarah and George are under pressure with their very first wedding booked with 80 guests.  They have decided to turn their Coach House into an event space so it’s George and (very handy) daughter Tatiana with hammers in hand to open up the volume ceiling and to knock through a wall to access what will become the bar.  Sarah and George brace themselves as 10,000 litres of concrete is delivered and the race against time begins to set the floor; however they did have time for a wheelbarrow race! More about Château de Brive

Château Gioux, Limousin
Debbie and Nigel continue to renovate the Château in anticipation of their new business and to decorate the (to quote Nigel) “Château on a Shoestring”.  In this episode they tackle the conservatory which was an add on after the war when it was a nursing home. Debbie’s vision is for a sitting room with an oasis feel to it.  After lots of scraping off of old paint (and with Angel’s Tower of Curiosities as her inspiration) Debbie gets her paintbrush out and creates a themed wall mural – no stencils this time, well done Debbie!  Job done, let’s have a cup of tea in our new “Garden Room”. More about Château Gioux

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Channel 4, April 2, 2020