Château de Brive, Poitou-Charentes
At the Château de Brive Sarah and George bring in a professional team comprising of a makeup artist, florist and photographer to prepare for the wedding promotional photoshoot.  Local car enthusiasts arrive to offer up their beautiful motors as props. In the meantime Sarah and George are busy preparing and painting the salon which will host the weddings.  For some intrigue, however, they have discovered what they believe to be a hidden room below the salon and they call in some local workers to drill through the thick walls to see if they have hidden treasures – vintage Cognac perhaps?  More about Château de Brive

Château Gioux, Limousin
Debbie and Nigel race against the clock to prepare accommodations for impending guests.  Debbie cleverly – and beautifully – uses stencils on their “Narnia” bathroom entryway and lionhead door handles arrive; however the piece de resistance, the Lion’s Head, does not arrive on time.  They are decorating the bedrooms on a budget with upcycled furnishings: touches of gilding wax on bedside tables, a brass bed with ciel de lit, antique mirrors and candelabras. This just goes to prove how effective upcycling is.  More about Château Gioux

Château de Lalande, Centre
Château de Lalande boasts a beautiful chapel on the grounds and Stephanie sets about creating decorative magic in preparation of her Mother’s upcoming wedding including bringing in trees which she intends to cover with fairy lights.  The terrace undergoes a makeover with a custom pergola and all the brocante lace in the whole of France to adorn it! The terrace becomes an outdoor Château replete with chandelier and mirrors in readiness for the wedding breakfast. More about Château de Lalande

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Channel 4, March 31, 2020