Don’t we all look forward to Monday even more during this time of crisis.  My husband and I plan our day around Escape to the Chateau DIY start time – glass of wine ready to sip whilst enjoying!

Week 2, Episode 6

Château de Brive, Poitou-Charentes
Today we were introduced to a new addition Château de Brive and the owners Sarah and George.  The couple have owned the 25 room Château for the past 9 years and it has been home to them and their 2 children during this time.  Sarah and George are art dealers but have decided they want to share their home with others and start hosting weddings so they enlisted the help of a wedding planner whose first advice was to depersonalize their home.  With a church right across the lane, Father and daughter set about painting the gates through which the bridal party would traverse. Sarah enlisted the help of Angel to advise on table settings using their existing inventory of china and Sarah’s passion for candle sticks.  More about Chateau de Brive.

Château Gioux, Limousin
We also met Nigel and Debs the owners of Château Gioux in the Limousin.  They only met 5 years ago but both fell in love with the Château and with a price drop of 100,000 Euros they did not hesitate to snap it up.  Considering they have little practical DIY experience, they started with a vision, sourced and upcycled the materials, and created a Narja style wardrobe door connecting the bedroom with the bathroom.  More about Château Gioux

Château de la Lande, Centre
Stephanie sets about renovating a 100 year old carriage which will transport her Mother to her upcoming wedding.  True to Stephanie’s desire for absolute attention to detail, she insists on restoring the carriage without changing any of its original design work much to the consternation of her Scottish friend, Gerry!  See what Stephanie had to say about her efforts!

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Channel 4, March 30, 2020