It’s the end of Week 2 already – 4 more to go.  In this episode, Dick shows off his tractor and hole filling skills as he does his bi-annual driveway maintenance.

Château de Brive, Poitou-Charentes
The bride and groom arrive for the very first wedding to be hosted at the Château de Brive and nerves abound.  The night before Debbie and Nigel host a dinner for the bridal party and next day are up at the crack of dawn making final preparations and praying that the rain showers won’t spoil the day.  The wedding planner is on hand to assist with all the details however she has no control over the bride being late to the Church or the electricity going out more than once during the reception due to the catering equipment!  At the end of the day, it was a huge success and they already have 5 more weddings booked. More about Château de Brive

Château Gioux, Limousin
Debbie and Nigel put the finishing touches on their flat-pack gothic garden arches – and they’re still married!  Then they turn their focus on their large terrace which is riddled with cracks and years of grime. Needless to say, there’s some fun during the power wash and Nigel finally recognizes that spraying the resin finish is far simpler than doing it by hand.  In the meantime (and well done Debbie for your patience) Debbie is getting the rust off the railings in readiness for paint. Well, it looks great guys! The next project is to convert their own accommodation into a family suite which means converting the loft for themselves.   More about Château Gioux

Château de Lalande, Centre
Stephanie goes to the local charity for furnishings for her latest project and bags a bargain – or two, or three!   Her next project is the salon in the Marquis suite, sadly she made to measure wall panels to create the authentic look of the time will not be completed until the end of the year, so it’s on to another project – The Tack Room.  Most unlike her other projects this gite (which used to house the old stables) is a mix of modern and classic.  True to form the sofa which was purchased for this renovation does not fit through the door and must be hoisted through the window!  More about Château de Lalande

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Channel 4, April 4, 2020