Château de la Motte Husson, Pays de la Loire
As a result of the renovation of the medieval dungeon in Château du Masgelier Dick recounts how, when they discovered their cellars, they were stocked with Calva (or Calvados) a typical aperitif from Normandy consisting of a mixture of apple cider and apple eau de vie which is recommended to enjoy with foie gras.  To quote chef Dick “I would have bought the Château just for this”!

Château du Masgelier, Limousin
Fiona plans a 845 year party for the Château and has ordered a commemorative plaque for the local mayor to unveil.  To accommodate the wine and champagne for the invited guests she restores one of her medieval dungeons into a wine cellar.  More about Chateau du Masgelier

Château du Puits es Pratx, Languedoc Roussillon
Now that the new spa is in place the adjacent original (circa 1800) bathing pool is transformed into a serenity garden.  With a deadline for guests arriving it’s time to kick it in gear with the planting. More about Chateau du Puits es Pratx

Château de Bourneau, Pays de la Loire
A Midsummer Night Party in the orangerie.  Erin “Château chics” some pieces for the new orangerie event venue and together she and Jean-Baptiste forage for greenery in the bamboo forest to decorate for the fantasy evening with their friends.  Even Oscar the cat went to the party! More on  Château de Bourneau

hannel 4, March 25, 2020